A. It suggests that parents’ words were held in very high regard.
B. It suggests that children were encouraged to disagree with parents if necessary.
C. It suggests that parents were encouraged to allow their children liberty.
D. It suggests that parents preferred that their children be independent.


The answer is option A. It suggests that parents’ words were held in very high regard.

Based on the given information that “The Origin of the Robin” is being discussed in the context of Ojibwa views, it is difficult to provide a definitive answer as the content or context of this particular story is not known. The Ojibwa people have a rich cultural heritage with diverse stories and beliefs, so without specific knowledge of this story, it is challenging to determine its implications regarding the Ojibwa views of the parent-child relationship.

However, it is worth noting that traditional indigenous cultures often value intergenerational relationships, respect for elders, and communal harmony. Parents’ words and teachings are typically highly regarded in these societies.

Ojibwa views of the parent-child relationship could emphasize the importance of parents’ guidance and teachings, suggesting that option A, “It suggests that parents’ words were held in very high regard,” might be a possible interpretation. Nonetheless, this is a general observation and cannot be directly linked to the specific story mentioned without more details.


The suggestion that parents’ words were held in very high regard in the context of the Ojibwa views on the parent-child relationship highlights the significance of parental guidance and teachings within their culture. While the specific implications of “The Origin of the Robin” remain unknown, traditional indigenous societies often prioritize intergenerational knowledge transfer and respect for elders.

The Ojibwa people likely place great value on the wisdom and experience of parents, emphasizing the importance of their words in shaping the values, beliefs, and behavior of their children. This reverence for parental guidance underscores the deep respect and appreciation for the parent-child relationship within the Ojibwa community.